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COVID-19 Safety Graphics 

IDWraps is now offering COVID-19 safety graphics, printed on our revolutionary SimpleTack and EnduraTack adhesive vinyls. View our catalog now.

Vehicle Wraps Represent the Future of Outdoor Advertising

Dollar for dollar, no other medium offers a lower cost per impression.

Lehigh Valley Zoo Smart Car Wrap

IDWraps utilizes the latest in digital printing technology to print your message & images to a high quality, scratch resistant, & removable adhesive backed 3M vinyl. The vinyl material is then applied to the vehicle and conformed to the body surfaces. This newly wrapped surface not only offers a high impact advertising medium, but also offers a level of paint protection. Many of our clients drive their wraps over 100 thousand miles, while retaining a nearly new looking original paintjob underneath. This adds hundreds or thousands of dollars to the vehicle’s resale value, making the cost of a vehicle wrap much less than the amount initially invested.

According to PENNDOT studies, most small town main streets have a minimum of 10,000 daily vehicle traffic volume. Even a parked car has thousands of daily opportunities for high impact impressions. Major highways and Visiting Angels La Jolla Ca Honda CRV Wrapmulti-lane roads may have 30,000 or more. Studies have shown that a fully wrapped vehicle may garner up to 70,000 impressions in one day. Compare this to billboards. In our area, billboards may get this type of exposure, but do cost an average of $1500 per month. The cost of one vehicle wrap may equal 1 to 2 months of billboard budget, yet yields over 60 months of advertising benefits. The comparison truly is a no brainer.


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