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Mini Cooper Vinyl Wrap- Lehigh Valley Zoo


Great communities are built when businesses support local family oriented resources. Here is a recent case of such efforts by Daniels BMW/Mini of Allentown. The folks at Daniels recently partnered with the Lehigh Valley Zoo in an awareness drive where the Mini Cooper below was leveraged.  The vehicle received a full 3M graphic wrap by the 3M certified IDWraps.com team. This Mini Cooper vinyl wrap essentially converted this fun compact car into a head turning giraffe concept. This exciting visual is part of the zoo’s giraffe arrival announcement. The vehicle will be on display at the dealership, as well as the zoo. Do keep an eye out for this car as it is also to be seen at special events.

As there are many big city type activities and wildlife exhibits at the local zoo, the new giraffe addition is boosting the excitement for the upcoming Spring season.  Not only will folks be able to view these exotic animals, but also interact with them as well. Visitors to the exhibit will have the opportunity to feed the Masai giraffe.  This rare species is the largest subspecies and is actually the tallest mammal to walk the earth.  Special animals surely require special habitats.  Part of the zoo’s new efforts in welcoming the new tenants is the construction of a new barn for housing them during less favorable climate conditions. Since the zoo is a non profit and relies heavily on funding through donations, they have a web page that features unique ways to help with various needs to get the new exhibit off the ground. To learn more about the exhibit and to help bring it all to fruition, please CLICK HERE.   Be sure to also keep an eye out for their Mini Cooper vinyl wrap buzzing around the valley:)


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