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Schuylkill County Bus Wraps

Intro: Wraps for a good cause are memorable projects. Explain MHDS a bit

During our busy season, we can work on upwards of five different vehicle wraps each week! While every project is unique in their own ways, wraps that support special causes are always the most memorable. We kicked off our Summer fleet season with a very special project for Schuylkill County Mental Health and Development Services (MH/DS) this year. We worked with MH/DS to create an eye-catching layout for six public transport buses that brings attention to their mental health counseling services.

When MH/DS first reached out to us with their project proposal, they were planning to use simple artwork that they had used on a billboard. After realizing how much real estate they had on these buses, they ultimately went for a bolder design with bright colors to

Explain Design: Process of wraps for vehicles. Explain layout a bit. (Photo gallery here)

Install: Shout out STS. Wrapped over existing wraps using specialty film. Removable without damaging wrap underneath. “Material and installation expertise for any project”

Promote fleet wraps. Full coverage to lettering for fleet of any size.

Lets Get Wrapping!