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diamond blue


Star Quakertown

Here’s a pair of recently wrapped courtesy vehicles fresh out of our 3M MCS certified facility. The GMC Acadia is actually one of the most economical SUV’s to wrap. the textured plastic bumpers and lower trim make for a nice neutral colored area that doesn’t necessarily need to be wrapped.
The Chevrolet HHR on the other hand, exhibits some of the toughest curves to deal with for any wrap installer. With the proper film selection and careful application, Vinyl car wraps may be applied to this vehicle without risk of failure. Star Car dealerships have locations in Quakertown, Easton, and Hellertown. The two vehicles pictured will be used to shuttle customers to and from the Quakertown dealership. Check them out at www.starcarquakertown.com.

Hellertown is near Emmaus, Montgomeryville, Bethlehem, and Telford

Lets Get Wrapping!