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Is Your Business On The Map?

By Malcolm Gieske

In today’s challenging economic times, smart business owners need to find low cost ways to drive their sales.

Last issue, I highlighted the benefits of using Facebook for your small business. Here are two other highly effective FREE ways to promote your business.

Google Maps- Everyone knows that Google is the dominant internet search engine. Google maps is essentially the “yellow pages” area of Google. CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE ARTICLE Businesses may create their own free listings which include your own quick pitch on the business, as well as an area for your customers to write reviews. Other features include: a photo & video gallery, link to your website, & of course, how to find you via driving directions & pushpin location on the map. Google Maps is by far the most economical means to be found at the top of Google organic searches. When prospects search Google and include a town or other geographic indicator, Google Maps results are placed at the top of the list. Post your free listing at:  www.maps.google.com.

Yahoo Local- As a somewhat distant competitor to Google, Yahoo offers a similar local search engine. Although Yahoo is not searched quite as much as Google, it does still make sense to post a free ad on Yahoo Local. Due to Yahoo’s strength in the days prior to Google’s arrival, Yahoo remains an engine frequented by older demographics- typically 35+.  Setup on Yahoo Local is similar to Google’s offering, but isn’t’ quite as feature rich. Create your ad at: www.local.yahoo.com.

Many businesses spend thousands a month for superior positioning on search engines. Local search engines are a great way for small businesses to transcend the giants on a local level.

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