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diamond blue


Its 2011. So what now?

For many businesses, January known to be a less than busy time of the year- unless you may own a ski resort.

Now is the time to set some goals for the business & do some housekeeping around your business. Here’s some items you may want to address so you’re ready to take on the new year:

-Clean up your work area. Cluttered desks & flocks of post-it notes lead to distractions & loss of focus on your job at hand.

-Purge your files, both on the PC & file cabinets. Obsolete files do nothing but take up space & get in your way. You’ll be surprised how much you remove. Cleaning up your hard drive will likely also improve your pc’s speed. As they become more than 50% full, their access speed begins to decline. 

-Is your business closed on any holidays? Don’t forget to update and distribute a holiday calendar to employees. This is on the last page of our employee handbook, which is updated annually. Do your customers need to know these dates?

-When was the last time your web site was updated? Do you have a website? If not, get on it now.

-Set some goals for the business. Increase sales? Improve profit margins? Reduce overhead? Increase web presence? Regardless of the areas identified for improvement, be sure to keep the goals attainable, measurable, set a timeline for each goal. 

The above are just a few ideas. Now place your calls on hold, make your own list & be ready for a great 2011.

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