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diamond blue


Wrap in the Sky Part 4 Mission Accomplished

Alas, the TIW Technology airplane graphics wrap has come to completion (installed on site near Sciota and Brodheadsville, PA.)

Like many unusual jobs, this installation was somewhat more labor intensive than expected. This plane was constructed almost entirely of unfinished aluminum.
These materials are know to have oily residue from the manufacturing process. Such oils prompted for an extensive surface preparation with various solvents. Installers Kurt Ritter and Nate Rapp also found thousands of tiny rivets that at first appeared to be easy as pie proved to be challenging due to their unique shape. Also, since material lifting or failure was out of the question for the future of this install, plenty of primer 94 (adhesion accelerator) was used generously where needed.

Click on photo for a closer look:

Before wrap picture:

airplane graphics wrap

Lets Get Wrapping!