diamond blue


diamond blue


A Truly Green Trailer Wrap

A return client (thank you Mike!) brought this 16 foot Lawn Care And Arborist Trailer Wrap for a severe facelift. The pictured below trailer wrap features super high res images and printing processes where even the dew on the grass blades is crystal clear when viewed up close. Trailer wrap advertising is almost always the best value in outdoor advertising, as the cost per square foot is relatively low. When we see blank trailers around, we see them as blank billboards. Speaking of billboards, the life cost of this trailer graphic is roughly 3% of an actual billboard. That’s 97% savings. Not too shabby. Plant Solutions is an ISA certified arborist and expert lawn care company located in NJ. Check them out at: www.plantsolutions.com.

See more trailer wraps at www.idwraps.com

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Arborist Trailer Wrap

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