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QR Codes Decoded

Codes Decoded

You may have been wondering what the square, 80’s video game looking code in the corners of advertisements. This mysterious little black and white square is likely the future connection between print and web advertising. The QR stands for Quick Response. This code takes prospects directly to a website by simply taking a photo or scan with a smart phone. The convenience factor is the elimination of the need for taking notes and offers an instant link to moreinformation. QR codes facilitate an effective call To action on anything from a large bus wrap all the way down in size to a business card.
Advanced marketers link QR codes to specific offers with unique URLs where click through rates may be measured with google analytics or other weblog software. Over 95% of smart phones are compatible with the codes via free apps. We at IDWraps see these codes as a useful call to action for vehicle advertising. For more info on how we may integrate QR codes into your marketing materials, contact us at: https://www.idwraps.com/contact

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