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STX Tractor Trailer Wrap in Baltimore MD

Sometimes the bigger, the better. Pictured below is a photo of STX’s way of going big- on a 53 ft tractor trailer wrap. This formerly all white freight mover got a 3M Certified IDWrap from top to bottom on all 4 sides. This method of advertising is equally as powerful as billboard advertising, but at a fraction of the cost. In most markets, the life cost of trailer wraps like this is 20x less per month over the life cost. Now that’s a great deal. Check out STX and their sports products at www.stx.com. Go to IDWraps.com for your free vehicle wrap quote.

Click on the photo for a closer look:

tractor trailer wrap

Baltimore is near Woodlawn, Glen Burnie, Elkridge, Columbia, Elicott City, and Washington DC.

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