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IDWraps Project Utilized in NYC “Bad Grandpa” DVD Release Event

It is a regular occurrence that unique and exciting projects come through our door. Occasionally we get projects that contain something really unusual. The trailer wrap pictured below is surely one of the latter examples. Produced for the folks at Shopper Chopper and Paramount Pictures, this full trailer wrap was part of the promotional DVD/Blue ray release event for the movie “Bad Grandpa” in New York City. Contained within the trailer is the world’s largest shopping cart which also happens to be street legal. Learn more about Shopper Chopper at: ShopperChopper.com. Check out the Paramount release video below to see it in action:

Click Here To View: Bad Grandpa DVD Release Video

Full Trailer Wrap

NYC is near White Plains, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Eastchester, and Scarsdale

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