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MIJ House Cleaning Chevy Spark Wrap

Fresh off our 3M MCS certified floor is this excellent partial 3M Chevy Spark wrap advertisement for the folks at MIJ House Cleaning. This Chevy Spark is now truly unavoidable while on the streets in the Warringtown area and beyond. Car wrapping has become very popular among folks in the maintenance and service industries. If your vehicle is on the road every day, there is no doubt that you are likely passing thousands of prospects viewing your billboard on a daily basis.

According to DOT records, even the most remote small town likely has 10k plus vehicles passing through its main street on a daily basis. If we would compare this exposure to post card mailing- at a cost of 30 cents or more per impression, the value is clearly noticeable. The math is quite simple. Take ten thousand post cards multiplied by $0.30, you come up with a cost of $3000.00. This actually double the cost of the partial wrap pictured below. If you consider that the post card mailing is figured as a once and done endeavor; it is quickly realized of its extreme short term nature.  You see, vehicle wrap advertising delivers results on a daily basis.  As a Chevy Spark wrap, or any other vehicle wrap for the matter, may last 5 to 7 years, it is seen as a long term advertising investment. The amortized investment of a vehicle wrap comes to between $15 to $60 per month. The partial wrap on this Chevy Spark is surely reflective of the lower end of this range. At this rate, this cost could be compared to being the lowest cost advertising to be found anywhere.

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MIJ House Cleaning 14 Chevy Spark Wrap 3M Vinyl Partial Coverage
Chevy Spark Wrap for Cleaning Company


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