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Chud HVAC Duct Cleaning Trailer

Pictured below is a 14ft full 3M vinyl cargo trailer wrap we completed for the folks at Chud HVAC, located in Abington, PA. Check them out at www.chudhvac.com. This trailer focuses exclusively on their duct cleaning services, and received a full 4 sided wrap. This strategy not only delivers excellent ROI through high impact advertising, it also preserves the paint finish on the trailer. Our 3M UASG certified installers actually seal in all the rivets on the panels which helps prevent corrosion streaks and frame rusting. It is common that most trailer manufacturers use low cost single stage paints which oxidize rather quickly. The full wrap seals in the paint and keeps it looking new which increases the cosmetic longevity and resale value of any trailer. We get many inquiries as to the cost of trailer wraps like this, and many run in the $1900 and up range, depending on the size and trailer type.

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Abington PA is near Jenkintown, Willow Grove, Melrose Park, Hollywood, and Wynecote

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