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Sonex OneX Airplane Wrap with 3M 1080 Films

Our busy schedule has time flying by for the IDWraps team. In addition to the flight of time is the flying wrap we installed recently for our client, Michael J.  This Sonex OneX airplane was painstakingly hand assembled by Michael over the duration of 8 months and in excess of 550 man hours. The OneX plane arrived at our shop with an unfinished aircraft aluminum finish and likely over a thousand rivets for us to work around. Our 3M UASG and PDAA Master certified team utilized premium 3M 1080 films to transform the plane’s look. These films come to us pre-printed with durable colors and are typically used for vehicle restyle/color change projects.

Michael was kind enough to supply us with a high tech 3D rendering of his design vision for the graphics. Our design team then interpreted the layout on each side and converted the 3D model to 2 dimensional computer cut files. The files were then cut on our precision European made Summa computer driven vinyl cutter. The application was done a lower cost and shorter time frame than a traditional paint job. Keep an eye up for this one, as it may pass you by at 140mph.

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OneX Airplane Wrap






Here is an image of the project in the early stages of the wrap installation.

15-3 Michael Jackson Airplane 1080 3M Vinyl Wrap in Progress


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