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Exeter Orthodontics Toyota Venza Full Wrap

This Toyota Venza was wrapped completely with our premium 3M IJ180Cv3 film and 3M 8518 high gloss overlaminate. The overlaminate is a crucial part of quality wrap installations. This material not only protects our high value prints from abrasion, dirt, and contaminates, but also provides a barrier to UV sun fading damage. We like to call it “sunglasses” for your wrap. The high gloss finish also makes the colors pop more. Another added benefit to the laminate is it offers the car wrapping system more tensile strength for more durability and an easier removal process. When a wrap shop chooses to skimp on laminates, or uses liquid laminates, not only does the wrap last a fraction of its live span, but the removal cost goes up exponentially. Without a quality laminate, the film comes off in small pieces, rather than large sections. Roughly 2 months ago, we were feeling sorry for a new client that bought a cheap wrap (from another shop) and was looking to trade in their vehicle. To everyone’s dismay, this 3M wrap was liquid laminated and took over 30 man hours to remove. Properly laminated wraps usually take 2 to 3 man hours to remove. Nonetheless, their cheap wrap turned out to be quite expensive.

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This wrap is a great example of an Orthodontist drawing prospects in with a great promotional price, right on the wrap! They’ve found their car wraps to be far more economical than traditional billboards.

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