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Heinbach Construction Supreme Utility Cube Van Wrap

In today’s economy, it’s simply not enough for contractors and construction companies to rely on word of mouth advertising. Many home builders and remodelers drive past thousands of prospects each day with a blank billboard on wheels. At an amortized cost of under $2 per day, Heinbach Construction is leveraging the highly visible Chevy Supreme Body cutaway van pictured below. When the average small stoplight in the USA has over 10,000 vehicles passing by per day, utility truck wrapping is becoming a no brainer for many businesses. To add to the high value advertising impact of van wrapping, this product also offers a layer of paint protection. When they’re ready to trade the truck in, they’ll have a brand new looking surfaces which are bound to greatly increase the resale value. This is a great advantage when compared to traditional lettering which offers far less advertising impact and sometimes may damage the surfaces with ghosting or adhesives that are not removable without damaging the paint finish. For quality construction services in Eastern PA, please visit our client at: www.HeinbachConstruction.com

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