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Vega Valle Real Estate 08 Scion XB Wrap

Pictured below is a full Scion XB wrap we designed and installed for Valle Vega Real Estate. This 3M certified wrap is part of a rebranding effort for the successful agency. Car wraps are becoming very popular among realtor professionals. The cost per impression are truly unmatched when compared to other forms of outdoor advertising. The added benefit to vinyl car wrapping is paint protection. Car wraps are just like having a car cover on your vehicle, which preserves the factory finish underneath. When removed, you get a boost on your resale value. Not only is the vinyl removable, but the glue on the film also comes off cleanly. This airtight vehicle cover can recoup much of your advertising investment when the vehicle owner will very likely sell the vehicle at a higher price. This also helps a great deal with trade in values. Caution should be exercised on vehicles that have been repainted.

In many cases, aftermarket paint work has a lower adhesion bond to the vehicle than factory paint. You see, factory paint isn’t very often sprayed on, like many folks may think. Many of today’s finishes are applied through an electrolytic bath where electricity is used to fuse the paint to the surfaces. This chemical adhesion process makes for super durable factory finishes.  With this said, 3M vehicle wraps may be easily removed from factory painted surfaces without damage to the vehicle. Any refinished areas would be at risk upon removal. At IDWraps.com, we are sure to check with our customers prior to proceeding with any vehicle wrap installation. This important customer centric information is always best to know up front. No one is a fan of surprises, especially expensive body work ones.

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Vega Valle 08 3M Vinyl Scion XB Wrap
Scion XB Wrap for Realtor


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