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Sienna Van Wrap – Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs

Once and awhile we notice that we may mistakenly omit projects from our blog history. Pictured below is a set of Toyota Sienna van wrap examples that are surely never to be missed out on the streets of Allentown and beyond. These represent the latest vehicle wrap designs for the Philadelphia Phillies affiliate which is centrally located in the Lehigh Valley. These brand new passenger lease vehicles both received full 3M premium IJ180Cv3 vinyl graphic wraps from head to toe. The client wisely chose to skip roof coverage, as this area will likely never be seen by prospects while this vehicle is out on the road. Many highways in their area have 20,000+ daily traffic, so it is sure to be seen by thousands of folks every day. Also featured on these van wrap graphics are view through films by the brand Clear Focus. This high quality film allows for continuity of the graphics over the large windows while permitting visibility from within. We like to attribute the visibility to that of a heavy screen door. This is a great choice when maximizing impact and retaining the safety of 360 degree visibility.

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3M Vinyl Sienna Van Wrap
Sienna Van Wrap Bacon Theme Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Allentown PA the home of the Iron Pigs and is near Whitehall, Easton, and Bethlehem.

This historically manufacturing community has changed quite a bit over the years. Gone are many of the large industrial job creators, such as Bethlehem Steel, and a significant portion of Mack Truck’s assembly lines. The area has essentially made quite the comeback with service and entertainment industries. Hard times have been displaced with a new outlook on the communities future. With the addition of the Iron Pigs pro baseball stadium coupled with the new Phantoms hockey arena and Sands Casino; revitalization is on the horizon for the Lehigh Valley area.


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