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diamond blue


Box Truck Wrap for Mr Rooter Franchise

Here’s a 14ft Ford Econoline box truck wrap we completed for Mr. Rooter. This van came to us with nearly 20 years of wear and tear on its exterior. Our 3M Certified team sprung into action with a premium 3M full box truck wrap which covered up all of the scratches, sun fading, oxidation, and many other eye sores present on this old truck. The new vinyl skin offers a fresh and glossy look, giving it a nearly new look. This is always a big help when pulling up to a prospective customer’s business or home. First impressions are always a big factor when consumers make a buying decision. A box truck wrap is a great way to have a branding advantage over the competition. We’ve always thought that traditional old plain lettering does nothing to help a business stand out. It’s clear to see that the box truck wrap pictured below would make you feel more comfortable doing business than the average service business with minimal or no graphics.  These are the things that not only help to close more sales, but also allow successful businesses such as Mr. Rooter to raise their prices.

We often hear from small business owners complaining about a lack of sales volume, despite their low prices. In many situations, they also complain about their successful competitors whom are busy and have much higher pricing. The “small guy” is just as skilled, has great customer service and communication skills.  So, what is the difference? Sounds like an image problem.  The difference may be that the “big competitor guy” has a professionally designed logo, excellent looking business cards/brochures/postcards, an informative website, and a fully wrapped fleet of vehicles. They exude quality with every touch in the sales cycle. All their marketing materials are consistent in design and message.


MR Rooter 14ft Box Truck Van Plumbing HVAC Full 3M Vinyl Wrap

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