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Hospital Wall Mural Graphic at Saint Luke’s

Pictured below is a Hospital wall mural graphic we recently printed and installed for the folks at Saint Lukes Hospital. Check them out at www.slhn.org/ This layout features the downtown Allentown skyline which has recently experienced a significant revitalization effort including a new hockey arena and many upscale restaurants. During the installation, many “spectators” including patients and doctors alike, launched into conversations about how welcoming this was as opposed to the blank drywall surface they’ve seen in the past in this busy entrance way. We utilized a high end textile material for this wall which has a very luxurious look coupled with no sun glare when being viewed. It also is very durable with a high abrasion resistance. Its lot tack adhesive is drywall friendly which means that it may be removed without damaging the underlying wall board or paint when it is ready to be removed or refreshed with a new hospital wall mural graphic. Caution must always be exercised when applying wall graphics to drywall surfaces. The majority of graphic films on the market do have adhesive systems that are far to aggressive for any expectation for removal in the future. Most films are essentially to be considered to be permanent. We do install wall graphics for many national print houses where we find ourselves installing highly aggressive adhesive vinyls to walls. In most cases, the client was never informed of the almost certain wall damage upon removal. All they knew is that they ordered a hospital wall wrap graphic and got a good price. There surely is never a wall graphic price that is cheap enough to offset the thousands of dollars it costs to replace affected drywall panels. If the graphic provider is of the “hit and run” variety, it may not matter when the client becomes furious when they attempt to remove the graphics.

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Hospital Wall Mural Graphic Allentown

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