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Toyota Dealer Wrap :Performance Toyota

The Toyota dealer wrap seems to be more of a commonplace for us. Car dealers are quickly recognizing the power behind vehicle wrap advertising. It is almost a shame to have a parts vehicle or courtesy vehicle drive past thousands of prospects every day without a high impact message. This brand new Sienna can be seen throughout eastern Pennsylvania as a shuttle service for clients of the folks at Performance Toyota. Dealers are more conscious than any one about resale value on vehicles. The huge benefit to a full wrap similar to the Toyota dealer wrap shown below, is the paint protection value. A full vehicle wrap offers an air tight barrier between the vehicle and harmful elements. The wrap actually protects against damage from the sun’s UV rays and fading of the paint. Another advantage is protection against stone chipping, and general scuffs from normal wear and tear. The final protection benefit is from contaminants that may reside on painted surfaces such as salt and environmental acidic residues from acid rain and other pollutants. In addition to courtesy vehicle wraps, we’re also noticing a trend to wrap parts delivery vehicles. What better way to promote genuine factory parts than a fully branded deliver van? This is a great reminder and image boost to wholesale clients when they have options for purchasing generic replacement parts. Pulling up to a customer in an ordinary vehicle allows one to disappear into the sea of anonymity. The same could be said about basic van lettering. Surely there is nothing special about “just another commercial van.” Special is what we do at IDWraps.com.  Check us out today to elevate your image!

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Toyota Dealer Wrap on a Sienna Full 3M Vinyl Graphic Wrap
Toyota Dealer Wrap for Performance Toyota on a brand new Sienna

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