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Chevy Express Wrap

Here is a Chevy Express wrap fresh from our 3M MCS Certified facility for the folks at Burkholder’s HVAC. Check them out at: burkholders-hvac.com. This late model cargo van received a 3/4 coverage partial wrap. There are times when a design strategy doesn’t require wrapping the entire vehicle. This is a commonality when the client requests a primarily white layout. In these cases, we’re able to design with the vehicle’s original color in mind. This leads to strategic areas left unwrapped. This always saves our clients money on their wrap installation. Some key areas to omit when savings is the objective are front fenders, front window pillars, rear door areas, etc. The lower cost areas to on a Chevy Express wrap would be the flatter areas with minimal obstacles. These areas install much quicker than the more complicated parts of the vehicle. Sometimes a fender may take 2 to 3 times the amount of labor per square foot. The most valuable area on a cargo van is the “billboard” space which is a great placeholder for branding and other important ¬†information. Another very effective canvas for advertising is the rear of the vehicle. The big benefit to these surfaces is the fact that prospects do have more time to read your information. This is caused by the fact that you are often being followed and in view for longer periods than the typical drive by situation. We often hear of clients getting calls while on the road and at stop lights. It is a greatly reduced task to make an impression when you have 30 or more seconds rather than the typical 3 seconds you get when driving by a potential customer while blazing down the highway.

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Chevy Express Wrap for Burkholders HVAC
Chevy Express Wrap – 3M Partial Coverage

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