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Nissan NV200 Wrap for Geico of Lehigh Valley

Here is an unavoidable Nissan NV200 Wrap that out 3M MCS certified team produced for the folks at Geico car insurance. This specific van was for their Lehigh Valley office located on MacArthur Rd. Compact cargo vans like the Nissan NV200 have become very popular among businesses of all sizes. Historically, we were wrapping mostly the larger full size cargo and passenger vans. There certainly has been a swing in popularity towards the smaller vans. A few reasons we’be been hearing is 1) Fuel economy. We’ve heard of fuel cost savings amounting to over $1k per year in some instances. 2) Smaller size. The compact footprint on these vehicles allow for easier maneuverability, especially in metropolitan service or delivery areas. It sure is easier to park a small vehicle on Market Street in Philadelphia, or Canal Street in New York. Streets like this have little to no parking. The parking that is available is usually crowded and tight.

Nissan’s entry into the commercial van market has certainly ramped up the US based competition. No longer are there only 3 go to manufacturers of commercial vans. We’ve been noticing many incentives offered at the dealership level. These upfit programs include free bins, bulkheads, and also incentive dollars towards vehicle wrap graphics. If your dealer has such incentives, be sure to reach out to IDWraps.com for more information on our Nissan dealer program. Perhaps your van wrap may come to you at no cost, or could be built into the financing deal.  Many IDWraps may be installed right at the dealer  (anywhere in the USA) prior to delivery, which provides for a convenient turn key service.  IDWraps.com also has programs for all other major commercial vehicle manufacturers.

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Nissan NV200 Wrap Lehigh Valley 3M Vinyl Graphics
3M Vinyl Graphic Nissan NV200 wrap for Geico Car Insurance


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