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Isuzu Van Wrap- Tom Morrissey

All the time we’re out and about and see so many plain white box trucks driving around. What a shame. At IDWraps.com, we see these examples as missed opportunities to make a mark. Pictured below is a prime example of a seized advertising opportunity. This Isuzu van wrap has very clear branding which was carefully crafted by the IDWraps.com design team. It also has proper text hierarchy which helps guide the prospect through the critical information while making that first impression. On this design, it is clear that branding is to be the focal point. We often ask our clients to define text priority on their designs. “What is most important to be read first?” From here, we may assign size and weight to text and other design elements. The three key items that usually reside on a wrap design, or many other forms of outdoor advertising, is Who we are, What we offer, and How do you reach us. In many small businesses, the What we offer is often the most important item on the design. Folks like Tom Morrissey are able to leverage branding very effectively through their fleet of vehicles and multi-channel advertising efforts. Many smaller businesses are often better served by focusing on the offer. In this sense, when folks have 2-3 seconds to read your wrap when passing by- they get right to the “what can you do for me.” This customer centric approach is often highly effective for businesses with lower advertising budgets.   A full scale branding effort usually involves multiple forms of advertising to effectively reinforce the message to be memorable. This is often beyond the budget constraints of a typical small to medium sized business.

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Isuzu van wrap -Tom Morrissey TV Appliance I
Isuzu Van Wrap for Tom Morrissey TV and Appliance


Shown here with the lift gate down, exposing an identical graphic layout from underneath.15-6 Tom Morrissey TV Appliance Isuzu NPR Cube Van 3M Vinyl Wrap Taigate Down

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