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Radio Station Wraps for Cat Country

If you’re a listener of Cat Country 96.1, it is likely that you’ve heard us along with Becca and Malone speaking about their radio station wraps.

The IDWraps.com 3M Certified team recently completed the two vehicle pictured below: a GMC cargo van, along with a Jeep Liberty.

These vehicles formerly were wrapped by another shop years ago and the graphics were showing their age, especially on the Jeep. The wrap on this vehicle came to us fraught with cracking and peeling throughout the installation. The materials on the radio station wraps appeared to have failed far too soon, considering that the wrap was only an estimated 5 years old. Upon removal, we found that the generic materials used had actually fused themselves to the paint. We were shocked to see the clear coat bubbling up from contamination from the unknown vinyl wrap material adhesives. In addition, the formerly shiny metallic silver paint was now almost tan color in many places. We surely have seen paint damaged from cheap wraps, but this was a first that the color shifted to a completely different gamut.  No doubt that there was absolutely no money saved when selecting this lower cost wrap, considering the paint damage which could cost thousands to repair.

There are many vinyl films available to the radio station wraps market at various price ranges. This situation may be a prime example where the material selection by a wrap shop becomes critical. The best wrap films have fully removable properties and do not damage factory paint when removed from the vehicle. Very often, a little extra investment in quality materials can go a long way in regards to lower removal labor costs and avoidance of paint damage.

Keep an eye out for these mobile CAT billboards at an event near you!

Pictured below is the CAT Country 96.1 on air team:  Uncle Jerry, Sam Malone and Becca Lynn

Radio Station Wraps for Becca and Malone show

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