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Performance Toyota Tundra Wrap

The folks at Performance Toyota reached out to our 3M MCS certified team to design a full Toyota Tundra 3M Wrap on this brand new quad cab model. Sticking to consistent Toyota brand colors, this truck represents the brand well whether in traffic, or on a busy highway while delivering parts. Our top of the line HP printers targeted this bright red very well. Historically, red has been a very difficult color to match up for any wide format printer. For those unfamiliar with the process, these vinyl vehicle grpahics are printed with very large inkjet printers. These machines print on vehicle wrap films up to 5 feet wide and on rolls of film up to 300 feet long. The printing technology does share similarities with that which you may find on a photo printer in your office or home. The print quality is very close, as well. This is very impressive, considering the size of the graphics. Our systems can produce razor crisp business card size text, even on a full tractor trailer wrap. Small desktop printers typically have 4 color channels, or ink cartridges. Our HP latex printers utilize 6 color channels for better color range. Still, with the latest and greatest equipment, there is often challenges when targeting certain colors.  IDWraps.com has invested heavily in technology to overcome these obstacles.  Our latest generation Onyx color management software came in at a heavy price, but it all becomes more than worth it when we’re able to better satisfy our clients with the best of the best quality. This system also give us the absolute best color accuracy available in our industry.

Nontheless, color is not only important for a Tundra 3M Vinyl Wrap, but it applies to printing on wall mural graphics and many other applications. We have over 300 material types to choose from on our equipment, and they all print very differently. This is where the science comes into play.  Our creative staff have become experts on our printing equipment. When you’re printing on the best films, it surely pays to know your equipment and avoid expensive misprints.

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Toyota Tundra 3M Wrap
Vinyl Graphic Toyota Tundra 3M Wrap

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