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Building Graphics Wrap- Dorney Park

At IDWraps.com, we’re always on the lookout for a new and challenging surface to wrap. Pictured below is a office trailer building graphics wrap we printed and installed for Dorney Park. Most folks are familiar with our exciting installations on various vehicles, interior walls, and windows.  Now more than ever, is there an advertising industry push for more options for outdoor exposure.  Businesses are seeking any message and image delivery opportunity they can get.

3M Vinyl Building Graphics Wrap in Allentown
Building Graphics Wrap for Dorney Park


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Fortunately, the wrap graphics industry has been working diligently on new materials. Now available are vinyl graphics that we may apply to textured surfaces.  These new vinyl formulations are allowing for the super heating of materials where the prints are essentially thermo formed to the surfaces. Our 3M Certified installers heat the materials up to 1000 degrees and then carefully roll the material into the application surfaces. This allows for very contemporary looking installations on various surfaces. Many of the new surface that we can wrap include, but are not limited to: masonry, brick walls (both standard bricks and hollywood block,) sidewalks, siding, and much more.   In addition to the high temperature features of these films, is the high tensile strength of the films. 3M’s new IJ480 Envision brand films are composed of a non PVC chemical makeup which is not only more environmentally friendly, it is more durable.  To add to these benefits is also an easier product to remove.  Most vinyl graphic films tend to tear as they’re being removed. This is especially the case for installations that may be a few years old.   The films actually dry out and can make building graphics wrap removal quite the task.  Removals are surely less labor intensive when the materials to be removed come off in larger sheets, rather than tiny pieces.  The Envision film’s strength pays its dividends by resisting tearing upon removal.  This results in an overall increased overall return on investment.  While the film may have a higher initial cost when first installed, the overall cost may be lower due to the related savings on removal labor.


Here’s a closeup showing the detail of how the materials conform to the irregular surfaces.

3M Vinyl Full Color Building Graphics Wrap
Building Graphics Wrap Installation closeup by IDWraps.com

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