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Vinyl Floor Graphics- Sands Event Center

These days, marketers are always looking for innovative ways to deliver an effective message. In our busy world of advertising, you could easily argue that we’re all running out of space for communications. All the while, we may easily forget that our prospects are looking down.

Enter floor graphics: Floors very well could be the final frontier for printed graphics. After all, I can testify that IDWraps.com has wrapped just about every type of surface you could imagine.

Floor graphics present a great deal of diversity when it comes to high impact messaging. Not always do they need to be about “sell, sell, sell;” Such applications may be leveraged to enhance the decore of any retail or residential space. Another popular use would be for directional designs. See the example below:

Here are directional graphics in use at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem PA:

Image of full color vinyl floor graphic at Sands Casino

These “dollar bills” indicate a path between a performance stage and VIP area. A notion to top performers is implied with this visual.

Yes, these floor graphic films may be applied to nearly any surface type.


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