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Plumbing Works 3M Vinyl Tool Box Wrap

We once though that only “completely flat” surfaces are able to be wrapped. With the advent of materials and technologies, we see that our former limitations are dissipating over time.  It wasn’t long ago that we were constrained exclusively to glossy flat or simple curved surfaces. Just like we know the earth is not flat- today’s products, like 3M’s Envision films allow us to literally stretch our applications to places never seen before. This is clearly stated in the 3M vinyl tool box wrap pictured below.


Our latest films allow us to essentially “mold” the films to the surfaces using high temperature heat sources, which are up to 1000 degrees.  The result, is a film which stays put when formed over complex surfaces. Are there limitations to the diversity of surface types for wrap materials- yes. The good news is that the surface limitations are shrinking very quickly.  Call us Today to see if we can wrap that complex surface you may have in mind.

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Example of a 3M Vinyl Tool Box Wrap

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