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Integra Home Inspections Transit Connect Full Wrap

The Ford Transit Connect has surely taken the service industry by fire.  Ford has managed to make cargo vans cool.  With styling borrowed from their sporty compact cars, this van is a nice break from the largely unattractive vans available years ago.  Due to the appealing look of these vehicles, Transit Connect vinyl wrapping has become a very common application on them. An attractive vehicle is always easiest to design and appealing and effective advertisement on.  Essentially, a wrap can also dramatically improve the look of any “less than attractive vehicle.”  The IDWraps.com team has surely transformed many a old beat down vehicles into attention magnets.


Another key attribute to these vans is the advent of the back up camera.  This technology allows for the deletion of cargo door windows. This brings the cost of the van down, and more importantly- provides more security for cargo.  The benefit when it comes to Transit Connect vinyl wrapping, is that no perforated view through films are needed on a full wrap installation.  Not only does this omission save on graphics cost, but it also ramps up durability in these areas of the van.  View through films are less durable than solid opaque films that are not see through.  There are several factors that make a perforated window film less durable. Firstly, nearly half of an automotive view through film surface is comprised of holes.  These holes, of course, do not have adhesive that helps the graphics adhere to glass. So we start with 1/2 the adhesion as opposed to the solid films. The second attribute gets a little technical, but most view through films are a calendared formulation. Calendared films do shrink much faster than the cast types we use on the painted portions of the vehicles.  In the end, perforated films generally last half as long as solid opaque varieties.


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