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Camper Wrap Refresh with 3M 1080 Color Change Wrap Films

The IDWraps team is often found changing the color on a newer vehicle, or applying and advertising on older trailers- making them look like new.   Pictured below is a hybrid camper wrap of the two applications.  This RV came to us with a weathered fiberglass finish.  The majority of the surfaces on this camper were in excellent shape, with the exception of the fiberglass nose section.  This surface was heavily oxidized which made for a great deal of tarnished eye sore.  We wrapped this grey surface with an updated look of 3M 1080 gloss black. The beauty of this solution is that the newer model year version of this camper actually has a black nose.  Nonetheless, this installation made this older RV look like a fresh one coming right off the lot at the dealer.

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3M 1080 camper wrap graphics
Exhibits a camper wrap refinish before and after image.


A vinyl camper wrap is an excellent alternative to painting. A new paint job can get extraordinarily expensive, especially on an RV.  These units typically have to go to a very specialized paint shop, which usually charge specialized labor rates. This often may add up to many times the cost of a 3M vinyl wrap.

The beauty of a vinyl camper wrap, is that the wrap can go directly over the tarnished surfaces with minimal surface preparation.  Paint, on the other hand, requires a great deal of sanding, masking, and other laborious tasks to even get started. In addition, a very large paint booth is required for RV paint jobs.  A camper wrap can be done at your RV dealer, or may also be done outdoors- in your driveway.  Outdoor installations would require a day with little to no wind, and temperatures between 60 degrees and 85 degrees for a warrantable application.

Check out 3M’s site for more information on the 1080 materials:  Click Here



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