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It is always a pleasure to be recognized by your suppliers. IDWraps was recently hired by our region’s largest graphics supplier, Grimco, to perform a Dodge Challenger wrap demonstration and educational session at their recent open house. This all took place at their Northeastern warehouse and showroom, in Bethlehem, PA where nearly 100 wrap/sign shop owners attended. Featured in the event was a brand new Dodge Challenger GT which was wrapped during the event. Being so close to the Independence Day holiday, a patriotic theme was utilized in the design. A number of vets surely appreciated the theme, taking photos next to the wrapped vehicle.

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Pictured below, Malcolm is installing a long panel which goes across the entire drivers side of the Dodge Challenger wrap application.

Shows installation of a Dodge Challenger Wrap
Malcolm applying a Dodge Challenger Wrap at Grimco Demo

During the session, novice attendees were able to get their hands on common tools and apply samples to the car along side of an IDWraps PDAA/3M Master certified installer and instructor. Experienced “wrappers” got to see the latest techniques for efficient application on this Dodge Challenger wrap while having minimal defects. Many sign shops and graphic providers do not offer wraps, or do very little. A great deal of attendees got a “better feel” for proper wrap application techniques. At the end of the day, a nice partial wrap was installed and some knowledge was shared which will help the regional graphics community move forward.

Dodge Challenger Wrap
Finished completion of Grimco Demo Dodge Challenger Wrap.

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