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Ford Truck Graphics: New Plus Old= Cool

We do stripes on the regular, that is for sure. As we are always looking to deliver unique creative applications, it’s wonderful when a client brings a fresh old school concept for us to execute. Enter the retro Ford truck graphics pictured below. Our friends at Smith Motor Co. came to us with this super cool 80’s concept. The idea was to recreate factory striping that was available over 30 years ago onto a brand new Ford F150. What started out as a show piece on the dealership sales floor soon became a truck enthusiast attraction. Within 1 week, this demo example inspired a duplicate installation on a brand new truck sale.

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The beauty of this Ford truck graphics installation is that it was done without any knifes or computer cutting equipment. The entire job was done with a single installer, a roll of premium 3M 1080 color change vinyl, and a roll of knifeless tape. The key to the perfect line work is the knifeless tape. This thin tape uses a small wire centered beneath the tape material that is used to cut the vinyl materials. It allows our installers to lay all the line work in advance, make sure it is super straight, and then install the films on top. The wire makes a very clean cut which has a very high end finish on the final product. For this project, we used 3M’s 2080 vinyl films. Get more info at: 3M Graphics .

The usual stripe job for Ford truck graphics is a pair of rally stripes down the center of the truck. While these always look great, it is very refreshing to revisit the classic looks that many have forgotten. Much like clothing or hair styles- many things work in long term cycles. Whoever thought that the 1970’s long hair style on dudes would make a comeback? Well, I know for sure I’ve at the very least seen that one come back. Maybe your favorite old school style is coming back next?

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