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DIYwraps…Get Ready For a New Way to Wrap!

IDwraps has a big surprise…we’re growing! No, this isn’t a “one of our staffers is pregnant” blog post. It’s our business that’s growing. Since 2012, IDwraps president Malcolm Gieske has had the idea to make high quality vehicle and architectural wraps more affordable by doing one simple thing: removing the cost of installation. Now, in the late days of 2020, that idea is finally coming to life. Welcome to the world, diywraps.com (okay, we’re done with the baby puns now).

After years of product research, navigating the ever-changing world of e-commerce, and juggling the countless other aspects of growing your business, DIYwraps officially launches on December 29. We have a full blog post over at diywraps.com (you can read that here) that digs into just what a DIYwrap is…so we’ll give you a short-hand version here.

Our Products

DIYWraps are high quality, architectural and vehicle graphics that anyone can install! We offer two revolutionary films that meet any graphics need on any application surface! Beyond our film choices, we have 4 different lamination options so you can really customize your graphics! Choose the gloss laminate to protect your print and add a stunning sheen to your graphics. All of our floor graphics come standard with an anti-skid laminate that protects both your graphic and your patrons! Our dry-erase laminate is great for functional items like to-do lists and vendor sheets, and has endless uses for the education and healthcare fields. Finally, you can opt to keep your graphics unlaminated, which is great for temporary decals. Now, let’s get into the fun stuff! By fun stuff, I mean our two different film options at diywraps.com.


First up is SimpleTack, a high quality film that installs with the palm of your hand! SimpleTack is best for temporary vehicle graphics, wall graphics, and more. Designed specifically for ease of use, SimpleTack graphics are perfect for flat surfaces or simple curves. Say goodbye to bubbles and peeling corners with SimpleTack’s air release technology that delivers a smooth installation- every time. SimpleTack can be easily repositioned in the case of crooked placement and removal is a breeze. Just pull up from a corner and the decal will peel right off!


Our second film option is EnduraTack, which features the same, high quality properties used on professional vehicle wraps! The durable adhesive is designed to stay put, which makes EnduraTack perfect for long-term vehicle and architectural graphics, as well as floor decals. While EnduraTack products have a stronger adhesive than SimpleTack, they install just as easily! EnduraTack products are also fully removable and leave no adhesive residue, but may require some extra heat for a smooth removal in cool temperatures. Due to it’s strong and rugged adhesive, EnduraTack products are NOT recommended for use on drywall.

diywraps.com is NOW LIVE and accepting orders for COVID-19 safety graphics and fully custom wall, window, vehicle, and floor graphics! We have many more collections in the works, like our Auto Dealer Marketing decals coming SOON! Shop the site now!

Lets Get Wrapping!