diamond blue


diamond blue


It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…Wrap?

Whether it be on land, sea, or air, we can wrap that! In the early days of October, just before it got too cold, we finished up a rather transformative project with the ABE airport- taking an old, out of use plane, and turning it into a fresh, fun billboard to greet guests. In case you forgot just how big a commercial airplane is, take a look at it next to our Ford Transit Connect van! 

Our Ford Transit Connect really puts the scale of this plane wrap into perspective!

The project started by working with Shane Warner in the facilities department to obtain the correct measurements, logos, and files for the job. While we worked with ABE’s marketing team, the maintenance crew at the airport got to work painting the decommissioned plane a bold blue so we have a clean slate to wrap. Design was a breeze, and all that was really needed was some proper color matching for the blue and gray of the ABE logo. But together we got there!

Production was daunting, cutting lettering as tall as you, and then masking that lettering for install. But the real difficult part was installing the giant 5’ tall lettering on the side of a plane, balanced on scaffolding many, many, many feet up in the air. No job is too large for the IDWraps team though, and our crew finished everything up in just two days.

The plane now sits front and center at the airport, urging viewers to “Fly Local” with ABE! We urge viewers to stick with us to keep looking fly!

Lets Get Wrapping!