I wanted to contact you in regards to the vehicle wrap that you completed for our restaurant, Red Hot & Blue. After all the back and forth that I put you through, it is clearly a huge success. Our passenger van was wrapped in March of 2008. Previously, we had a large white van with only a magnet to boast our catering services. Now that we have this incredible wrap, the words are almost unnecessary, since the visual impact speaks volumes. We have since been using the van as a great asset. We take it on the road to catering jobs, which I am sure is getting us more jobs. We also park it front and center to grab the attention of the people passing by. I can honestly say that this is our best year for catering services. I know that in addition the advertising and hard work of the restaurant, the classically wrapped van is a strong support of our services. I would strongly recommend Malcolm and his team at Identity Group. They took me through both the design and production stages with ease, giving me an end result that we are all proud of. Thank You.

Ashleigh Aylwin

Marketing Director
Red Hot & Blue,
Cherry Hill, New Jersey