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Geothermal Wrap – Green Team HVAC Cargo Show Trailer

A hot market lately is surely the geothermal and energy efficiency businesses. The folks at Green Team HVAC, located in Bartonsville PA reached out to us for a full 3M vinyl graphic geothermal wrap in the 14ft cargo trailer shown below. Check them out at: greenteamhvacnepa.com  This formerly ordinary blank trailer is now housed with a full demo suite of heating systems with power meters that reflect energy usage for various electric heating systems. This trailer essentially rolls up to any event and the door opens to a display that is ready to go. The colorful graphic wrap offers tremendous curb appeal with its high resolution photographs and design elements. On top of it all is the paint protection value of this wrap. Cargo trailers are typically known for low cost paint jobs. The wrap offers a barrier to corrosion and oxidation normally seen on trailers. For old trailers, graphic wrapping is an excellent way to recondition the look of that old paint. It is tough to look like a top notch professional with a worn out vehicle or trailer.

Wrapping can turn around nearly any eyesore of a vehicle, by giving it a fresh new skin.  An elevated look surely helps to build trust. Not only is this a new shiny surface, but is a tremendous advertising opportunity. Vehicle wraps may be easily seen by thousands of potential customers each and every day. This medium truly works 24/7 for businesses. This opportunity allows the best of the best businesses separate themselves from the competition. This is the place to drive home that unique value proposition that will make the phone ring. It may also be that image boost needed to finally deploy a price increase for any goods or services.

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Geothermal Wrap using 3M Vinyl
Geothermal Wrap on Trailer for Green Team

Bartonsville is located near Poconos, Wilkes Barre, Stroudsburg, Tannersville, and Long Pond


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