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Cube Van Wrap – Tom Morrissey TV and Appliance

One more completed cube van wrap for the Tom Morrissey TV and Appliance folks chalked up for the IDWraps.com team. This Isuzu NPR box truck features a full premium 3M vinyl van wrap on all sides, except the roof. On tall vehicles like this, we typically only wrap roofs when they are located in Metropolitan areas. If you’re in a rural market, chances are that no one is looking down:) Especially on taller vehicles is where we recommend against roof wrap coverage, as this always saves our clients hundreds of dollars. Wraps are a popular trend for appliance retailers, as they are truly rolling billboards. Truck graphic wraps cost a fraction of traditional billboard budgets. We’ve calculated many times that the life cost on a truck like this can be under $70 per month. This is a drop in the bucket when compared to billboards that may often cost thousands per month in any market. Another contrast to billboard advertising is that you own the wrap graphics. Billboard deals are simply rental arrangements. You pay thousands of dollars for a short term campaign, and shortly thereafter, it is gone.

A cube van wrap may be of use even after the lifespan of the vehicle. We have clients that strategically park their vehicles to leverage them as static billboards when there may be engine issues, etc. Yes, wraps may carry tremendous value in mechanical vehicle failures. It is always wise to check with your local municipality ordinances prior to strategically parking any “broken” vehicle. It is best that the vehicle not appear to be abandoned which could result in fines or towing of the vehicle. As strategic marketers, we need to be dynamic in thought, but still play by the community rules.

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