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Toyota Corolla Wrap-Supports Coaches for Cancer

It’s always nice when your clients are enthusiastic about supporting charities. Pictured below is a recent 3M Toyota Corolla Wrap we recently completed for Scranton Toyota. This full car vinyl wrap features Coaches for Cancer which is a scholastic based awareness program. We’ve done a number of these wraps for the good folks at Scranton Toyota. Check them out at www.ToyotaofScranton.com  Essentially every square inch of this 2015 Toyota Corolla was covered with premium 3M IJ180Cv3 removable film. The removability is a key ingredient to this film, as this specific product is the most friendly to remove. Our technicians can cleanly remove a 3M IJ180Cv3  full compact car vinyl wrap in 2 hours or less. Removals on many other brands or “cheap” films may take an entire day and possibly damage the paint. We surely have seen it all. One key ingredient for a stress free removal is to not keep the wrap on longer than 5 to 7 years. This lifespan does vary with environmental exposure and climate conditions at the region the wrap is applied. For example, if a vehicle is garaged when not in use, this may greatly extend the life of a wrap.

All sort of elements may attack the durability and finish of a vinyl vehicle wrap. The largest contributor of wear and tear on a wrap actually does not physically touch the vehicle at all: the Sun.  Yes, those UV rays are responsible for eventual color fade (after many years) and may dry out the vinyl. The dryness makes the materials brittle and more difficult to remove. It surely is better to remove a wrap in large sections, rather than small and brittle pieces. Also, the longer a wrap is on, the more the adhesive wants to stay on the paint. If removed in a timely fashion, the glue is designed to come off along with the vinyl in one action, without residue left behind. All that is needed is a heat gun and a pair of hands.

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3M Vinyl Toyota Corolla Wrap
Toyota Corolla Wrap – Coaches for Cancer

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