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GMC Savanah Wrap – Tom Morrissey

Plain white vans are becoming a thing of the past for the best service industry businesses. Our client, Tom Morrissey TV and Appliance is no exception to the “best” classification. Our 3M certified team wrapped their entire fleet of service vehicles with full coverage 3M premium vinyl wraps. Pictured below is one of their GMC Savanah van wrap, which is just one of many.

Prior to the van wrapping, their vans had the usual old fashioned cut lettering on all sides. Now their vehicles have a fresh look that is sure to turn heads, and is READABLE. We’ve all seen service van wraps that look like tattoo art and are impossible to read. Many competing wrap shops think this is the solution to get attention. What is the point if you aren’t able to read the branding and message? Our design process creates a logical flow of the information, which allows prospects to easily and quickly digest the advertising information. A key component of this process, is our online design profile tool, which helps our client get laser focused on their design goals. Every business has a secret sauce. Let us help you tell the world about it!

Surely a GMC Savanah van wrap could make a huge impact on driving impression with prospective customers. Typically, a single traffic light in a small town may have 10k or more vehicles travelling past on a single day. Imagine the value if just 10% of those prospects get a good look of a vehicle wrap on any given day. What does it cost to send 1K post card out every day? The value is significantly evident as with this study, a vehicle wrap may cost in the ballpark of less than 1% of the cost per impression as direct mail.

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Tom Morrissey TV Appliance GMC Savanah Van Wrap
Tom Morrissey Appliance GMC Cavanah Van Wrap using 3M Vinyl

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