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Gibbons Ford Bus Wrap in Scranton

      The common thought for most our vehicle wrap inquiries is to wrap one’s own fleet, or personal vehicle. An alternate time tested application is to wrap wheels that are not your own. Some folks may happen to get around a bit more than you and are exposed to thousands of potential prospects every single day.
     Bus wrapping has been around since the inception of the vehicle wrap business. These “billboards on wheels” are an excellent way to make a big branding statement. Most transit companies have consistent routes that may pass through your target markets. If executed correctly, bus wraps may garner more marketing message retention by suspects than traditional billboard advertising. The bus pictured below was wrapped last week by the IDWraps team for the folks at Gibbons Ford (GibbonsFord.com) in Scranton, PA. The bus is owned by a local transit company which travels the dealer’s geographic market on a daily basis.
     Another external application is on employee owned vehicles. Many businesses offer monthly bonus compensation for wrapping personal cars. It’s a great way to drive brand awareness, build brand loyalty from your staff, along with some extra funds in their pockets. There are many creative ways to develop these programs, such as free gas cards, and mileage/car payment reimbursement. Nearly all roads driven have thousands of potential prospects ready to dial your number. Are you lost in a sea of vehicles? Call us today to establish a moving sales attraction.
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15-10 Gibbons Ford Dealer Bus 3M Bus Wrapping
Transit Bus Wrapping for Gibbons Ford

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