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diamond blue


Landscaping Trailer Wrap -Pocono Lawn 3M Vinyl

Landscaping businesses like Pocono Lawn and Landscape do high quality work where appearance is king. These folks made no exception when it came to their equipment hauler advertising. This Cargo trailer was fully wrapped with premium 3M removable films. The high resolution quality prints make the logo jump off the crystal clear background landscaping image. The design team at IDWraps holds a high standard for photo quality on any landscaping trailer wrap just like any other project.  Clients often send us low resolution images that do not blow up well. Just because a photo looks good on your computer screen does not indicate that it will look nice when blown up to 20feet wide. This is similar to using any desktop printer to print web page graphics, where the output always seems to be fuzzy or pixelated. If you do the math, what may look good on your computer screen needs to be up to 100x higher quality in order to look good up close on a vehicle or trailer. Low resolution graphics may look ok when viewed at an extreme distance, but as soon as you walk up close, things likely begin to look very unpresentable.  We do offer free print samples to all new prospective clients. Our print samples are printed at our standard every day quality seen on all of our wraps. You’ll notice small text as small as you’d have on the average business card which is evident of the super high resolution printing standards at IDWraps.com. Also featured on the print samples are crystal clear and color full photographic images that you’d think were produced by a high end photo printer.

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Pocono Lawn and Landscape gets a Landscaping Trailer Wrap
Landscaping Trailer Wrap- Pocono Lawn and Landscaping

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