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Nissan NV Van Wrap for Pest Control Business

The Nissan NV van wrap shown below is one of many that we’ve been doing on this fairly new competitor in the service van arena. This specific model is the high top version, which allows most folks the ability to stand up inside when accessing tool bins and shelving. Our client, Masters Touch Pest Solutions, elected for a full Nissan NV van wrap which not only offers a highly effective mobile billboard where ever this van goes, but also offers a level of paint protection. Check them out at www.masterstouchpestsolutions.com. Every square inch of the painted surfaces are protected with a premium 3M vinyl graphic. This adds greatly to the resale value of this vehicle, since the wrap is completely removable without damaging the paint. The Nissan NV  van wrap also helps to avoid paint damaged caused by traditional  vinyl graphics. The old fashion cut letters almost always have a ghosting effect after being installed for long periods of time. The damage usually manifests as either permanent glue which leaves behind grey stains. Another form of damage is through a color shift. Since the paint under lettering has been sheltered from exposure to the elements, the color in these areas is usually much less sun faded than the rest of the vehicle which has been exposed to the elements. This effect is common for any color paint on the market.   Many of our clients do remove vehicle wraps on their own. Essentially, all that is required is a heat gun and a pair of hands. Occasionally there may be a need for some adhesive remover in some areas. Premium 3M films do come off without a tremendous effort. It is important, however, to remove the wrap within 5 years of the initial installation. The longer the wrap is installed, the more difficult it can be to remove.

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Masters Touch Pest Control Nissan NV High Top 3M Vinyl Graphic Wrap

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