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IT Services Van Wrap for PenTeledata

Here is a great transformation via an IT services van wrap for the folks at PenTeledata. They provide quality IT services throughout Eastern PA and beyond. Check them out at: www.PTD.net. This service vehicle received a full premium 3M vinyl wrap, featuring the 3M IJ180Cv3 film with 8518 high gloss overlaminate. We are big fans of this film due to its durability, along with the 5 year limited MCS warranty we’re able to offer. Not many wrap providers have this unusual relationship with 3M. The MCS stands for “Matched Component System.” The core of the system is the fact that all materials, printers, inks, and installation procedure have been thoroughly vetted by 3M laboratories. Our staff endures rigorous ongoing training and testing to keep the MCS status.  3M is notoriously fussy about quality control and whom they award the MCS status. What does this mean to our clients across the US? —A reliable product that is factory backed with the highest benchmark of quality control. Most wrap providers qualify for only 1 year material warranties from the manufacturer- if any at all. One or two small steps being skipped completely voids most warranties available. This IT services wrap serves as a good example of a client who wraps many vehicles and needs them to last. No worries about peeling, sun fading, or cut marks on the vehicles are experienced. Fleet managers whom have hundreds or thousands of vehicles to keep track of surely don’t need to worry about wrap defects that may be exhibited from an installation done at the small sign shop around the corner. These vehicles represent often powerful brands which are to be represented properly, with a wrap that is truly presentable.

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PenTeleData IT Service Dodge Caravan 3M Vinyl Graphic Wrap

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