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Minicooper Color Change Wrap

Here is a Minicooper color change wrap our 3M Certified team recently completed for Micheal M. This formerly off white compact car got a full color overhaul. The selected color was a matte metallic forest green 3M 1080 film. We are big fans of the 3M 1080 film as it is much easier to remove than all of the competing products in the marketplace. Removability should be a concern to color wrap clients when it comes to the future sale or trade in of the vehicle. There always remains a possibility that upon resale, that the buyer is more interested in the original color of the vehicle. Some competing brands of vinyl actually take up to 4x as long to remove. Two factors go into the removability of a Minicooper color change wrap, or on any other vehicle:

First is the adhesive chemical formulation. All wrap vinyl adhesives do gain strength as time goes on. Some off brand adhesives actually become permanent. We’ve seen many generic films actually damage paint upon vinyl removal. The best vinyl wrap films are designed to come off clean with no damage to factory paints and with no residue left behind. The residue is another problematic situation as well. Some adhesives also leave “goo” behind that can be very difficult to remove without paint damage.

The second aspect that affects removability is the amount of plasticisers present in the film itself. Low cost films often have low quality or minimal plasticisers present which make the film dry out quickly in the sun. This results in a brittle makeup of  the vinyl film after a few years post installation. When the film is dried out and brittle, it come off in very small pieces. Our installers surely prefer to remove wraps in large sheets, instead of a thousand tiny pieces.

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Minicooper Color Change using 3M 1080 vinyl film.
Minicooper Color Change using 3M 1080 vinyl film.

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