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Travel Agent Wrap for VIP Vacations

Here is a recently completed travel agent wrap we completed for the folks at VIP Vacations. This European SUV received a full wrap featuring premium 3M IJ180Cv3 vinyl film. Our team worked with a hospitality agency to develop the clean and friendly looking layout. The best part of this project is that it was completely funded by one of this agency’s popular resorts. Co-op dollars are surely making a comeback since the market crash in 2007. Back then, it appeared that the faucet for marketing dollars was turned off. It has taken some time, but we’ve lately seen many travel agent wrap projects funded by resorts or cruise lines. Many other industries have seen a big comeback in available marketing dollars. Vendors today are realizing the high impact value that vehicle wraps present. Where else do you get thousands of daily impressions for less than an amortized cost of $2 per day? Surely most folks would have trouble coming up with many alternatives. The other big advantage is the mobility associated with vehicle wraps. These vehicles advertise 24/7 where ever you may be parked. IDwraps even has reflective films that are extremely visible in the evenings.

Many of our clients intentionally park in very conspicuous areas such as shopping center entrances, along busy highways, at public events, and very often parked in the front of their business location. This is also a great reinforcement to existing signage. Add an interesting looking vehicle to wrap, then you have a great conversation starter for the passer byes. If your advertising turns heads, it surely will be remembered. This is key when we live in an over saturated marketplace where we are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily.


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 VIP Vacations Travel Agent Wrap on a VW Toureg 3M Vinyl Graphic Wrap
Travel Agent Wrap for VIP Vacations

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