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Transit Connect Wrap for Rocky’s

Pictured below is a Transit Connect wrap that out 3M MCS Certified team designed, printed, and installed on a brand new Ford wagon. This passenger van is used to haul both company team and product out and about the marketplace. This specific make and model van has become tremendously popular as businesses seek better fuel economies. Another positive attribute is the size of the vehicle. No need to have a huge cargo van when you need less cargo space while fitting into small city parking spaces. The IDWraps crew liked these vehicles so much that we got our own XLT version. We surely love the almost passenger vehicle features such as the back up camera and steering wheel controls. We’ve also found it to be shockingly quiet with low road noise for a cargo van that has no textile interior surfaces in the rear of the vehicle. Best of all, this vehicle is extremely wrappable. Out of all the vans out there, we think this one looks most sporty. It also offers excellent advertising space with its large side flat panels and big rear window. The windows are excellent for the application of view through films which are completely see through from the inside. These films offer a quality continuity of the graphics on the entire side of the vehicle. Visibility is surprisingly good from the inside. We like to attribute the experience to looking through a heavy screen door. Perforated window films are also a powerful advertising tool on retail windows. Essentially any glass surface is a good canvas for window advertising.  A Transit Connect wrap is a perfect solution to any business that is seeking thousands of impressions every day on the road.

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Rockys Hot Sauce 2014 Transit Connect  Wrap using a 3M Vinyl Graphic
Ford Transit Connect vinyl graphic wrap for hot sauce company

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