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Boston Van Wrap for G1 Services

G1 Services reached out to the IDWraps team for their first Boston van wrap for their New England area service team. This van wrap has the appearance of a partial wrap, but this client elected to proceed with the added durability of a full wrap installation. There are a number of advantages to installing a full vehicle wrap over partial coverage or spot graphic wraps. Firstly, is the paint protection value associated with covering all painted surfaces with a removable vinyl film. This provides essentially an airtight barrier between the vehicle and harmful environmental elements. A few examples of the elements that are harmful to a vehicle’s paint are: stone chipping, salt, acid rain, and other contaminants. Also, one of the biggest enemies of your vehicle’s finish is the sun. All paints do fade and shift color when exposed to UV rays. Over the years this exposure adds up to considerable wear and tear on  the exterior of any vehicle, in any climate. All colors are subject to this issue. Even the most reflective color of sunlight, white, reflects changes over time. We’ve removed plenty of partial wraps on white vehicles where there is a significant color shift between areas that have been wrapped and the uncovered areas which have been exposed to the environment. In addition are the swirl marks that usually show up after years of abrasions and general wear and tear. So while the Boston van wrap pictured below may look like only parts of it has been covered with a wrap, our client is resting easy since they’ll be noticing a big boost in resale value when they have the best looking used van for sale years from now.

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Boston Van Wrap on a Ford E250 3M Vinyl Graphic Wrap
Boston Van Wrap for Facilities Service Company

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