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Mini Van Fleet Wraps for Visiting Angels

Here is a set of 3 minivan fleet wraps we completed for the folks at Visiting Angels of Central Wisconsin. This national branding effort has been a very successful way to reach out to thousands of prospects daily. The average small town light has 10,000+ vehicles traveling through it. If you’re in a medium sized town, you could use your imagination as to the quantity of available eyes on a wrapped vehicle throughout each day. Yes that is thousands of daily impressions per vehicle. Visiting Angels franchisees also enjoy a significant image and trust boost from the professional looking minivan fleet wraps. Ask yourself: Would you be more comfortable with senior care service from a well dressed staffer stepping out of one of these vans, or a suspicious looking unmarked passenger or cargo vehicle? Image is everything in today’s market where we are blasted with thousands of marketing messages every day. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to stand out in the sea of largely unmarked vehicles. Being a relatively new medium, fleet wraps do offer a greater retention rate when viewed by a prospect. If done correctly, these impressions will lead to phone calls. Far too many wrap designs currently on the street have poorly designed “over the top” designs. In ways, these atrocities almost seem too desperate for attention. What good is that attention when NO ONE CAN READ IT?  No, not every business needs a monster truck show announcer for their business. Very often, less is more when it comes to any form of outdoor advertising.

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Visiting Angels of Central Wisconsin Dodge Caravan Ram CV 3M Vinyl Fleet Wrap

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