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Cadillac ATS Wrap for Visiting Angels

Here is a Cadillac ATS wrap our 3M Certified team completed for the folks at Visiting Angels. This luxury car received a full wrap which not only offers excellent outdoor advertising, but also paint protection. Every square inch of this American premium ride was covered in 3M’s best removable vinyl film. The removable aspect of this material really helps when it comes time for a resale of the vehicle. That’s right, this wrap offers a level of paint protection. This feature is not only being utilized in today’s commercial advertising wraps, but also in restyle or color change wraps. If clients are after a very unique color, say like lime green or bright pink- they may use a vinyl wrap instead of paint. When it comes time to sell the vehicle, the wrap may be cleanly removed without damaging the paint (this is assuming none of the car has been previously repainted.) Aftermarket paint jobs are at risk of peeling away when a wrap is removed.

Cadillac ATS Vinyl Wrap

Full wrap buyers like that of this Cadillac ATS wrap, do benefit from new looking paint when they are ready to trade in or sell the car. In the end, much of the vehicle wrap cost may be re-cooped when the resale value is much higher. Something is surely to be said about a used vehicle with brand new looking paint. It does help to have the absolutely best looking car when it’s place on the market. When all others available have paint that looks like it has every bit of 100k miles on it, this make make a previously wrapped car look way more valuable. Sometimes these are the differences that truly close the deal:)

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